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The emotional cost of climate change


Fear about the impact of climate change may be adding to anxiety levels in the current age of uncertainties.  But that is nothing to what we are likely to experience as the consequences become ever more obvious according to Canadian experts. “Signs of mental distress related to climate change have …

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Frackers look to R&D to escape the misery


With no end to the global oil glut and the consequent price slump, US fracking companies are turning to research and development to provide a way out (at least one that doesn’t include mass bankruptcies) according to Reuters. When oil prices rose above $100 a barrel following the 2008 crash, …

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Iran pours cold water on world oil freeze deal

Oil storage tank

With the world already oversupplied, and with oil prices well below most countries’ break-even price, Iran has added to the misery by promising to add another million barrels per day to the glut. In an exclusive interview with CNN, Deputy Oil Minister Amir Hossein Zamaninia explained that: “We do not …

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Traffic damage amounts to a public subsidy for fracking

Fracking Lorries

While much of the public concern about hydraulic fracturing has been with the toxic chemicals deployed and the potential for increased seismic activity, less attention has been given to the impact of increased transport. Transport problems associated with fracking are likely to be a particular problem in the UK, where …

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Banking layoffs gather pace

Wall Street sign

The heady pre-crash days of 2007 were the last time bank CEOs emerged to tell an unsuspecting public that all was well.  Within months, of course, banks and financial companies were falling like dominos and Western finance ministers were desperately looking for a means of preventing a financial meltdown.  The …

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A lesson in unforeseen consequences

Unforeseen consequences

One of the ways you know that you are dealing with a religion is when the priests reject evidence because it conflicts with the model of how the world is meant to be.  Indeed, history is littered with the corpses of apostates, blasphemers and heretics who had the temerity to …

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Clueless in Shanghai

G20 economic crisis

The G20 meeting in Shanghai has started with a round of finger pointing as it becomes clear that the policies put in place in the wake of the 2008 banking crash have failed to deliver the promised global economic growth. With the International Monetary Fund sounding alarm bells about the …

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French solar roads are about corporate handouts not green energy

solar road tiles

Have you noticed how France is starved for space these days?  Every field, parking lot and rooftop is now festooned with arrays of solar panels generating sufficient green energy to easily meet Europe’s climate change targets.  I assume that is the situation anyway, since that is the only logical explanation …

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