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Urban poor miss out on community energy


Delegates at a recent IPPR Community Energy event heard that England’s urban poor were losing out on community energy schemes that were set up to help them. According to Taylor Heyman at Power Technology: “The Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF) and Urban Community Energy Fund (UCEF) were set up in …

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Study finds alarming Amazon carbon release


Large forests such as the Amazon rainforest act as the land-based lungs of the planet; absorbing carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen.  Within limits, this process can offset some of the carbon released into the atmosphere by human activity.  However, in a new paper in Global Change Biology, scientists from Stanford …

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Wales’ Politicians must act on 2 gigawatt energy loss

Power Station by Martin Kelly

A little known – but costly – fact about your electricity bill is that around 20 percent of what you pay is determined by where you live.  This is because energy companies charge customers according to the distance between their home and the power station; this allows the cost of …

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Has the oil glut morphed into something else?

Petrol storage

Following the collapse of the Doha talks to freeze oil production, many analysts had expected oil prices to fall.  In the end, prices remained fairly stable – although still a long way short of their 2014 peak.  One reason why this might have happened is that the oil glut has moved …

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Climate change comes home to Europe

York Floods

Those of us lucky enough to live in the developed economies of Western Europe have been fortunate enough to avoid the worst effects of climate change despite being largely responsible for it… until now.  But a new study in the journal Climatic Change has found that this is about to …

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Renewable energy bankruptcies begin

Solar installation

The end of the 2015/16 financial year has seen a wave of insolvencies in the renewable energy sector according to the Yorkshire Post.  The wave of bankruptcies and redundancies are directly attributable to the UK government’s decision to scrap subsidies and impose new taxes on the industry: “According to the …

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