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Paris agreement guarantees runaway global warming

Air Pollution

The Paris climate agreement has been widely hailed as a success.  This is largely because for the first time the world’s biggest polluter – the USA – is actually a signatory to the agreement.  This said, the reason it is an “agreement” rather than a treaty is precisely because the …

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Brexit brought forward Britain’s next banking crash


The drop in the value of the Pound and volatility on the stock market in the wake of the Brexit vote has brought forward the crisis in Britain’s economy.  However, Brexit is not the cause of the problems according to Roger Blitz at the Financial Times: “Even if the UK …

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Falling pound could wreck the UK economy


The value of the Pound against other currencies fell dramatically on news of the Brexit vote.  And although the Pound has rallied a little, it is still trading at around ten percent less than it had been last Thursday. This has been presented as a universally bad thing in the …

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How much electricity does the internet use?

Facebook data centre

The internet sits at the heart of what is believed to be the greenest type of economy – the so-called knowledge economy.  Green, because the tools of the new economy – laptops, tablets, smartphones, 3d-printers, etc – are very low energy devices.  Green too, because the digital products – mp3 …

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Dutch experience rings alarm bells for UK energy policy

Dutch power

Like Britain, Holland has adopted a policy of shutting down ageing and dirty coal-fired power stations and replacing them with a combination of renewable energy and new gas-fired power stations.  However, like Britain, Holland has to balance these environmental plans against the political imperative of keeping energy bills as low …

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Britain’s energy infrastructure at risk from Brexit

Power cut

One of the more mendacious claims put out by the Vote Leave campaign in the run up to the Referendum on 23 June was that Britain’s energy bills would come down.  This was always a flaky claim given that the world is still heavily dependent upon fossil fuels, and that the cost of extracting …

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Here’s something much more serious than Brexit


While the heads of Western governments and financial organisations were firefighting the unexpected result of Britain’s Brexit referendum last weekend, a much greater threat to Western economies was occurring on the other side of the planet. According to Denis Dyomkin at Reuters: “Russia and China sealed a raft of energy …

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Why eating bugs is a really bad idea


The human population is expected to climb toward 10bn by mid-century; far outstripping already strained global food supplies.  One proposed means of accommodating these extra people without causing huge famines and mass migrations is to turn to the one lifeform that we have so far been too grossed out to …

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Self-styled “Frack Master” charged with multi-million dollar fraud


Chris Faulkner, the controversial CEO of US fracking company Breitling Energy Corp has been charged with defrauding investors out of more than $80millon to fund a lifestyle of decadence and debauchery. The US Securities and Exchange Commission has charged the self-styled “Frack Master” and several other senior Breitling managers with …

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