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IMF calls for government action for growth


The world economy is slipping into a deflationary trap.  That’s the stark warning of the International Monetary Fund in its forthcoming World Economic Outlook: “Eventually, the economy may end up in a deflation trap—a state of persistent deflation that prevents the real interest rate from decreasing to the level consistent …

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Is the ‘gig economy’ about to crash?

Gig economy

A few years ago it was being touted as the future of work.  In part a response to the threat of globilisation to traditional forms of employment, in part an entrepreneurial use of new technologies; the ‘gig economy’ was meant to herald a new round of prosperity across the developed world.  As …

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Conventional oil economics deal another blow to fracking


Despite continuing low oil prices having all but bankrupted the fracking industry, North Sea oil and gas production just hit a 15 year high.  According to Emily Gosden in the Telegraph: “Oil and Gas UK said it expected last year’s 10.4pc increase in production – the first rise in 15 …

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Scientists routinely lie about climate change


No, this is not another energy industry-funded claim that climate change isn’t happening.  On the contrary, this is the claim by two eminent climate scientists that the climate science community has routinely toned down its message in order to make it palatable to political and economic elites in the developed …

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Global warming limit could be passed within a decade

Polar Bear stuck on ice

Global temperatures are set to pass a key target set out in the Paris Agreement within ten years.  That’s the stark warning from Richard Betts, head of climate impacts research at the UK Met Office’s Hadley Centre to a meeting of climate scientists in Oxford. According to Laurie Goering at …

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Does anyone still trust energy ratings?

TV Energy Ratings

The world was momentarily stunned when investigators discovered that software engineers at Volkswagen had rigged on-board software to detect and give false readings for emissions tests.  It soon transpired, however, that all vehicle manufacturers use tricks of one kind or another to generate fuel-efficiency and emissions readings far more flattering …

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