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UK government energy greenwash


The British public is being deceived by greenwash stories designed to gloss over the government’s failure to deliver a coherent energy policy.  For example, Adam Vaughan in the Guardian uncritically repeats the story that: “More power came from solar panels than from Britain’s ageing coal stations from April to September …

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The squeezed middle lose out in the gig economy

Rush Hour

People in secure full-time employment tend to be seen as the winners in any economy.  However, as more firms look to freelancers to avoid the cost of directly employing people, it is this group that are most at risk. According to Diane Mulcahy at Havard Business Review: “Work is being …

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Scottish fracking argument reveals UK’s energy problem

Fracking Scotland

The Institute of Directors in Scotland has called on the Scottish Government to lift its ban on fracking or face severe energy disruption in the near future.  According to the Institute, which represents 1,800 businesses in Scotland: “We are severely concerned that there will be a power shortage by the …

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Public support for fracking at an all-time low


The latest University of Nottingham survey of public attitudes to shale gas extraction in the UK has found that for the first time a majority of people in the UK are opposed to fracking.  Since the survey began in March 2012, fracking had always had a positive approval rating, although …

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US researchers accidentally discover an ethanol battery


Researchers at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have accidentally discovered a potentially profitable means of converting carbon dioxide into ethanol.  The team used a catalyst made of carbon, copper and nitrogen and applied voltage to trigger a complicated chemical reaction that essentially reverses the combustion process. …

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The zombie apocalypse coming to an economy near you


An army of zombies looks set to destroy the Eurozone and nobody knows how to stop them! Okay, these aren’t the kind of flesh-eating zombies that featured in the Night of the Living Dead.  Rather, they are the army of walking-dead companies and banks that are slowly destroying the Eurozone …

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Our best efforts on climate change will not be enough

Climate Change

In the course of two weeks, we have seen more international agreement and action on climate change than ever before.  On 4 October Canada introduced a carbon tax, setting a standard for other nations to follow.  On the same day the Paris climate agreement came into effect.  Two days later, …

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The very worst US fracking practice of all arrives in the UK


Potential investors in UK fracking were recently advised that IGas Energy plc has a staggering 11 trillion cubic feet of recoverable UK shale gas within its portfolio.  The claim comes after an assessment by “independent” consultants DeGolyer & MacNaughton, which claims that there is a total of 102 trillion cubic …

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