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Decommissioning: the looming disaster in the North Sea

North Sea oil decommissioning

The biggest threat to the UK’s North Sea oil industry has nothing to do with Brexit or the current global oil glut according to Lianna Brinded at Business Insider: “There is a ticking timebomb that could put off companies investing in the sector and prevent new projects being set up …

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New publications from the Consciousness of Sheep

New Publications

The reason we have been a little quite here at the Consciousness of Sheep in recent weeks – did we miss anything important? – is that we have been putting the final touches to our two latest publications.  Both explain the foundations of the existential crises that humanity now faces: …

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Trump’s energy policy may not be as bad as you think

Solar power

Donald Trump’s election has been viewed with horror by environmentalists.  Not only does the next US President believe that climate change is a hoax (something his naval advisors will be setting him straight about in the near future) but he seems determined to expand America’s most polluting energy sources. In …

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Economic woes have an environmental bright side


A faltering global economy may have been at least partially responsible for Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, but it has had environmental benefits.  According to an analysis by the Global Carbon Project, world carbon dioxide emissions from energy and industry have remained flat for the third year in …

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Tories to Trump Corbyn

Tories to trump Corbyn

Back in the days when Tony Blair had relegated the Tories to an unelectable rump, the key to determining policy was to steal the opposition’s ideas.  Anything sensible that the Tories might propose would be incorporated into the New Labour programme.  All else would be dismissed as lunacy. On the …

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The Trump policy that should terrify the left

Trump economic policy

It was Bill Clinton who observed that elections turn on the economy – “It’s the economy, stupid!”  But mass media has left us largely in the dark as to what economic policy a Trump administration might pursue.  Will Americans find themselves on the receiving end of round after round of …

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How we pay for fracking three times over

Fracking Scam

The US fracking bubble that was going to power America for a century is fast receding into the history books.  But unlike previous oil booms and busts, this one looks like being the last.  And now that it is over, we can begin counting the costs to communities across the …

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