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Corporate welfare goes green

French solar road

Bailing out the banks is probably the most obvious form of corporate welfare today.  While millions of families are obliged to turn to foodbanks to feed themselves, the high priests of finance hold out their hands and our political “representatives” hand over billions of pounds, dollars and euros in the …

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The fall of the American Empire

Wall Street

With the election of Donald Trump, and the promise/threat to tear up the international trade treaties that many believe are a core foundation of the global economy, the USA looks set to take another turn down the spiral of imperial decline.  While America will continue to be an important player …

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What shampoo tells us about the economy


Perhaps because it is hard to link the story to Brexit, the news that shampoo sales fell by £23 million in the past year will have been missed by most readers.  The news may, however, by far more important that a great deal of the Brexit-linked winging that has passed …

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Setting up the Green Movement to take the blame

Climate protest

Anyone who has examined renewable energy in any depth is forced to conclude that it simply will not work.  This is not because we lack the knowledge or the technical know-how to run a modern global economy without burning fossil carbon.  Rather, it is because we have left it far …

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The sinister truth behind smart meters

Smart Meter protest

The British public has been sold the myth of the “Internet of Things” as a convenient cover for a much more sinister purpose on the part of those in charge of the UK’s fast-failing energy system.  According to the myth, customers will be able to make big savings, initially from …

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Energy bailouts – the next financial scandal?


As the “energy death spiral” gathers pace and energy companies struggle to remain profitable, all eyes are on French energy giant and nuclear power provider EDF.  The company, which supplies more than 39 million consumers across Europe is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy according to an AlphaValue report for …

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