Wednesday , September 19 2018
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The three vortices of doom

Three vortices of doom

Despite the cheerleading efforts of the legacy media, the economic storm clouds are growing on the horizon.  Oil – the economic “master resource” – passed $80 per barrel yesterday.  Meanwhile, central banks around the world have begun to unwind the stimulus packages used to bail out the economy in the …

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Lies, damned lies and media economic reporting

Lies, damned lies an BBC economics

Forget Brexit, never mind the retail apocalypse, the UK economy has finally delivered the positive news that everyone has been waiting for.  That, at least, is the message from a legacy media largely reduced to rewriting corporate press releases…  In this case, the headline release from the Office for National …

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Where good intentions lead

Road to hell

Labour MP Lucy Powell’s Ten Minute Rule Bill to be presented to Parliament today has all of the hallmarks of the good intentions that pave the road that leads to you know where.  At face value, it is packed with banal measures aimed at tackling one of the thorniest issues …

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Economic fake news

Economic fake news

In the modern world, mainstream economic journalists have just two roles to perform – to convince the public that they have some clue about what is going on; and to maintain public confidence at all costs.  So it was, for example, that even as Lehman Brothers was collapsing a decade …

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Solving secondary problems first

Hydrogen vehicle

Can you run a self-driving car on a desert island? Of course not: There are no roads; and there is no fuel for the car. Why do I mention this?  Because the received narrative around climate change and so-called “peak oil demand” is that new technologies like electric self-driving cars …

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Corbyn more important than the end of the world

Corbyn: more important than the end of the world

These days a tinfoil hat is essential headwear when listening to BBC news.  Conspiracy theories of the Trump-Russia and Corbyn-antisemitism type are the order of the day; while government propaganda is largely regurgitated without question. One result is that the BBC’s flagship Radio 4 Today programme has lost more than …

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Money trees are magical; energy trees are not

The magic money tree depends on oil

Equating money with wealth is among the most dangerous delusions currently afflicting humanity. This is, perhaps, understandable given that so few people now have access to money in the quantities needed to improve their lives. Government, meanwhile, effectively lies when it points to the various pots of money that it …

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It’s time to nail these neoliberal lies

Job Centre closed

Have you noticed that children are looking scruffier these days?  You may, perhaps, have kept this observation to yourself.  After all, kids are supposed to run around getting dirty, right? But your first impression turns out to be correct.  Children are a lot dirtier and a lot smellier than they …

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Another one bites the dust

Gaucho restaurant closure

Upmarket restaurant chains Gaucho and Cau have become the latest victims of Britain’s retail apocalypse after their management was unable to find a way out from under a mountain of debt and complex legal structures, according to the BBC.  What is notable about the failure of these restaurants is that …

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How the left enabled Hitler

Nuremberg exhibition image

Given the current fashion for hurling the words “fascist” and “Nazi” at anyone we happen to disagree with, it is worth remembering that the Nazis were elected to government (as the largest party) in 1932.  Not that they would not have seized power by other means in future if need …

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