Sunday , August 25 2019
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The royal ribbon problem

Royal ribbon problem

The image of some dignitary cutting a ribbon stands as an icon for the fruits of public spending.  The charity sector has its equivalent in the ubiquitous images of supersized cheques being handed over.  The image is supposed to reassure us that “something is being done,” and that we should …

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Cannibalism will begin before the collapse

Metal theft

There is still considerable disagreement among those who see a relatively near-term collapse of western civilisation as to exactly how that collapse will occur.  At one end of the debate are those who imagine an almost vertical descent into a new dark age.  In this vision an economic collapse far …

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Technofantasia in action

Pothole drone

The degree to which supposedly intelligent people can persuade themselves to believe techno-bullshit never ceases to amaze.  From hyperloops and colonies on Mars to solar roadways and devices that pull moisture from arid desert air, we – collectively – have spent billions on technologies that even a reasonably well-educated school …

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Online retail is the symptom not the disease

Retail apocalypse

French Connection – famous for its “FCUK Fashion” advertising campaign – is the latest UK retailer to run into trouble as the retail apocalypse unfolds:  “Shares in struggling fashion chain French Connection have risen 25% to 55p after it said it may be up for sale. “Following speculation at the …

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Car sales down; economy to follow

Car sales unsold

Further evidence that all is not well with the UK economy emerged with the release of the September new car sales figures.  These were more than 20 percent down on 2017.  The primary reason for the fall – the one latched onto by most mainstream media outlets – is the …

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A politician’s wrong answer

Online sales tax

Britain’s hard pressed High Street retailers will find cold comfort in Chancellor Philip Hammond’s proposal to address the disparity with online retailers.  This is because Hammond has offered the typical politician’s response – increased taxes – to a problem that has a very different cause to the one Hammond presupposes.  …

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The three vortices of doom

Three vortices of doom

Despite the cheerleading efforts of the legacy media, the economic storm clouds are growing on the horizon.  Oil – the economic “master resource” – passed $80 per barrel yesterday.  Meanwhile, central banks around the world have begun to unwind the stimulus packages used to bail out the economy in the …

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Lies, damned lies and media economic reporting

Lies, damned lies an BBC economics

Forget Brexit, never mind the retail apocalypse, the UK economy has finally delivered the positive news that everyone has been waiting for.  That, at least, is the message from a legacy media largely reduced to rewriting corporate press releases…  In this case, the headline release from the Office for National …

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Economic fake news

Economic fake news

In the modern world, mainstream economic journalists have just two roles to perform – to convince the public that they have some clue about what is going on; and to maintain public confidence at all costs.  So it was, for example, that even as Lehman Brothers was collapsing a decade …

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Money trees are magical; energy trees are not

The magic money tree depends on oil

Equating money with wealth is among the most dangerous delusions currently afflicting humanity. This is, perhaps, understandable given that so few people now have access to money in the quantities needed to improve their lives. Government, meanwhile, effectively lies when it points to the various pots of money that it …

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