Sunday , August 25 2019
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Scientist sued over fraudulent fracking methane tests

Methane Testing

NC WARN, a US environmental campaign group has lodged federal allegations of scientific fraud against a Texas engineering professor who led key studies into methane leakage at shale gas drilling sites around the USA. The tests were used by the Environmental Protection Agency to give fracking the green light.  But …

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When the golden goose stops laying

Golden Egg - Cheryl Lindo Jones

Cut through all of the political and economic nonsense that passes for theory, and you find that the history of the UK economy over the last 40 years boils down to just two little words – oil and gas.  The so-called Thatcher Revolution and the consolidation under Blair and Brown was …

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Big oil laughs in the face of green investor concerns

Rex Tillerson

The growing “shareholder revolt” against Big Oil’s failure to deal with the likely result of the Paris Climate Agreement has been met by derision from oil company CEOs according to Jillian Ambrose at the Telegraph: “The words of Exxon’s Mr [Rex] Tillerson may have seemed strident in the face of …

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Decommissioning – the next disaster in the North Sea?

North Sea oil platform

A combination of low oil prices and rapidly depleting oil fields resulted in the North Sea losing money for the first time in 2015/6.  Last year, 10 oil and gas fields ceased production.  This year industry insiders predict that a further 50 will be abandoned – a collapse on a …

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Death by Jevons paradox

Electric cars

English economist William Stanley Jevons observed that the introduction of the steam engine resulted in a proliferation of steam technology rather than a decline in coal consumption due to improved efficiency.  This became known as the “Jevons Paradox” – which says that energy efficiency leads to a greater use of …

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How smart meters could save money and help cut emissions

Direct energy report

In Britain, next to the banks the ‘Big Six’ energy companies are the only ones to make large profits since the 2008 crash.  This has largely been achieved by capturing the market in energy supply.  So far, the cartel has avoided serious disruption from new energy companies – largely because …

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Yet more cuts to clean energy subsidies

Anaerobic digester

Having already engaged in a bonfire of green energy subsidies, the UK government is to turn its fire on anaerobic digesters. There are about 300 anaerobic digesters in the UK; 200 of them on farms, where they use animal and plant waste to produce methane and fertiliser.  The methane is …

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The downside of renewable ‘energy too cheap to meter’

Solar Power

Chile has been generating so much solar electricity that it has to give it away free.  And while this looks good for both consumers and the environment, it spells trouble ahead for Chile’s infrastructure. As Vanessa Dezem and  Javiera Quiroga at Bloomberg report: “Spot prices reached zero in parts of …

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