Monday , December 17 2018
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Fracking is a dangerous fantasy

Gas drilling

The myth of “Saudi America” is little more than a sick joke for people in the ghost towns at the heart of the US shale plays.  The fracking bubble has long since burst.  Most of the shale oil and gas firms have gone bust.  And now local communities have to …

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The Fracking Ponzi gathers pace

Energy Traders

We cannot know for sure what prompted North Yorkshire Council to approve Third Energy’s application to hydraulically fracture its KM8 well near Kirby Misperton despite considerable local opposition.  The council will no doubt have taken account of change to UK policy that mean that ultimately Third Energy’s application will receive …

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How you know you’re in an energy crisis

Pylons in twilight

Britain faces a looming energy crunch that is in its way as bad as the credit crunch of 2008.  The crisis is threefold.  First, the UK’s internal supply of fossil fuels has been falling rapidly.  The North Sea is now producing just a third of the oil and gas that …

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UK to secure 10% of its power from offshore wind

Offshore Wind

Despite the best efforts of the UK government, 10 percent of Britain’s energy will be generated from offshore windfarms thanks to a deal between SSE, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and SDIC Power of China, to build Beatrice offshore wind farm, according to industry trade body RenewableUK.  RenewableUK’s Chief Executive Hugh McNeal …

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Could we turn trains into batteries?

Steep Rail

Without electricity storage, we stand no chance of maintaining our economy using renewable energy.  Unfortunately, we lack any scalable battery technology to meet this challenge.  However, the problem might be that we are looking for answers in the wrong places.  Rather than a single hi-tech solution, a dispersed combination of …

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Renewables not growing fast enough to wean us off fossil fuels

Turbines traffic

Renewables and nuclear will be the fastest growing energy sources by 2040 according to the latest projections from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).  Renewables are expected to grow by 2.6 percent per year and nuclear by 2.3 percent; with the highest growth rates in developing, non-OECD states. Unfortunately, almost …

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Oil and Gas giants go renewable

Windy Future

Competition in the renewable energy sector is about to heat up, says Selina Williams at the Wall Street Journal.  This is because major global oil and gas companies such as Royal Dutch Shell and Total have begun to invest in the sector: “While the investments of Europe’s biggest energy companies …

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Britain needs a rethink on nuclear energy


New Nuclear Watch Europe, an industry-funded pressure group, called on ministers to review which nuclear projects are most likely to be built, according to Kiran Stacey at the Financial Times.  In particular, ongoing problems with the Hinkley Point C project threaten to undermine the whole industry: “Other projects are currently …

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