Monday , February 19 2018
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Saudi Arabia is about to test western free market economics


In Britain, the EU and USA, we tend to leave our future energy supplies to the “free market”.  It is true that governments provide exploration grants and subsidies to oil and gas producers.  Nevertheless, decisions about where and when to drill are left to the directors of the energy companies. …

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Another exercise in energy magic thinking

Fly Away

If we are to have any chance of keeping global warming below two degrees, we have to wean ourselves of gas.  So at face value the plan to convert Leeds to a hydrogen city looks like a great idea.  However, since hydrogen does not naturally exist anywhere on Earth, whenever …

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Is it time for progressive VAT on energy?

Power Station

Ofgem economist David Osmon – writing in a personal capacity – argues that one of the solutions to the UK energy crunch is to introduce a system of progressive VAT rates to replace the current five percent flat rate. Osmon suggests  removing VAT altogether for standing charges, keeping the current …

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Rain panels could close the baseload gap

Rain Panel

In the battle to cut carbon emissions, we have one hand tied behind our backs because renewables are intermittent.  Wind turbines cannot provide power on a still day, and solar panels don’t work when the sun isn’t shining.  For this reason, a continuous baseload of power from coal, gas or …

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Ditching Hinkley C could save £40bn


The troubled EDF nuclear power station development at Hinkley Point in North Somerset is already set to be the most expensive building on earth; even before the builders inevitably fail to live up to the promise to provide it “on time and within budget”.  But even if, by some miracle, …

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Without cheap energy, Britain is finished

Britain is finished

Liberty House Group chairman Sanjeev Gupta, the man currently being touted as the saviour of Britain’s steel industry has made energy prices a deal breaker for the future of the Port Talbot steelworks.  Mr Gupta pointed out that UK energy prices are among the highest in the world; twice as …

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EU energy policy misses the mark

EU Energy Union

Recent proposals to reform EU energy markets miss the point according to energy expert Michael Hogan.  The EU’s approach involves changes to the way the wholesale and consumer energy markets operate.  But this misses the real problem: “The principal cause of the financial woes plaguing the power sector is not …

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Are alien energy cubes the answer to climate change?

Alien energy cube

There is a belief among conspiracy theorists that the US government recovered secret alien energy generation technology when a passing UFO crashed into the Nevada desert in 1947.  The reason, apparently, that we have not yet seen this energy technology is that “they” are determined to screw every last dollar …

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Saudi Arabia uses informal sanctions to curb Iranian oil

Iran tanker

Tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia are heating up as a result of informal Saudi sanctions designed to prevent Iran selling oil on world markets according to Anjli Raval in the Financial Times: “Iranian vessels carrying the country’s crude are restricted from entering ports in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, according to …

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