Tuesday , October 23 2018
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Climate-related kidney disease increases

Kidney Disease

Climate change is likely to accelerate rates of chronic kidney disease worldwide as rising temperatures and heat stress harm kidneys, according to Business Insider. Citing new research from the University of Colorado published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, the article notes that: “A new type …

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Could the Philippines do a reverse TPP/TTIP?


The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) trade treaties have become notorious because they establish a separate and superior legal system for corporations; allowing them to sue governments for damages when democratic decisions result in a loss of profits.  If signed, to give just one …

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No need to worry about saving the planet


Plankton – the tiny plants at the base of the food chain that provide half of the oxygen in the atmosphere – will survive climate change according to Scientists at the University of Technology Sydney in Australia and Imperial College London. According to Simon Levey from Imperial College London: “Ocean …

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Water will get us in the end

The World Bank has warned that the economy will ultimately be undermined by changes in the way water acts around the planet.  Shifting rainfall patterns will bring drought to regions that currently enjoy abundant rainwater; while other areas – like the UK – will be subjected to more frequent and …

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How climate change could ruin productivity


The environment inside the buildings where we work is deteriorating as the impacts of climate change hit home.  According to Joshua Rapp Learn at Smithsonian: “Apart from the obvious rise in utility costs, the changing climate may also set off a whole host of other problems for those desk-bound among …

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Ocean oxygen levels are falling

Dead Fish

A reduction in the amount of oxygen dissolved in the oceans due to climate change is already discernible in some parts of the world and should be evident across large regions of the oceans between 2030 and 2040, according to a new study led by the National Centre for Atmospheric …

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Climate change v jobs

Reclaim the Power

At the height of the Falklands War in 1982, Elvis Costello penned the lyrics of the song Shipbuilding.  The song reflected on the moral conflict that arose because the war saved some of the jobs in Britain’s fast declining shipyards.  The song asks us to consider whether our need to …

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Study finds alarming Amazon carbon release


Large forests such as the Amazon rainforest act as the land-based lungs of the planet; absorbing carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen.  Within limits, this process can offset some of the carbon released into the atmosphere by human activity.  However, in a new paper in Global Change Biology, scientists from Stanford …

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Climate change comes home to Europe

York Floods

Those of us lucky enough to live in the developed economies of Western Europe have been fortunate enough to avoid the worst effects of climate change despite being largely responsible for it… until now.  But a new study in the journal Climatic Change has found that this is about to …

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