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The real immigrant crisis


Scientists at Umea University, Sweden warn that climate change is increasing the habitat range of mosquitos that were previously restricted to tropical regions. A combination of tourism and warming has already allowed mosquitos to migrate into Southern Europe in high summer.  However, as the northern hemisphere temperature increases, both the …

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Who should lead the fight against climate change?

Climate March

Efforts to tackle climate change have been hamstrung by a disconnect between national and international policy-making bodies and citizens.  This often results in governments adopting unrealistic targets that they have no idea how to achieve, while individual citizens are left wondering what, if anything, we should be doing. Perhaps the …

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Restructure or throw our children under a bus


Failure to make big shifts fast would amount to putting our children and grandchildren in the path of a speeding bus according to Laurie Goering at Reuters. According to experts at a meeting of the Thomson Reuters Foundation: “Meeting the goals of a new global agreement to tackle climate change …

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Want to see something really scary?


What are the three most dangerous myths about climate change?  Obviously, the one put out by the fossil fuel industry that says that it isn’t happening comes top.  But which myths come second and third?  I would argue that propositions put out by oil giant BP and the International Energy …

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Can we enforce the Paris agreement?

Climate Justice

One of the more serious flaws in the Paris Agreement on climate change is that – largely as a sop to the Republican Party Neanderthals in the US Congress – it is entirely voluntary.  Governments have promised that they will cut carbon emissions, but this is not legally binding. In …

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World leaders are clueless on climate change

UN flag

On 22 April 2016, the leaders of 130 countries will meet at the United Nations in New York to sign the Paris climate agreement.  But according to Chris Mooney at the Washington Post, these political leaders (not for the first time) have absolutely no idea what they are signing up to: …

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The clouds predict a climate catastrophe


The first quarter of 2016 has seen climate records smashed, with the northern hemisphere briefly tipping over the two degrees of warming danger level.  Climate scientists have already warned us that polar and glacial ice is melting faster than IPCC models anticipated.  The resulting sea level rise is now expected …

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Electric car sales are up… but don’t get too excited

Elf tricycle

UK car sales increased by 5.3 percent last month according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, who were keen to highlight the increase in alternative fuel vehicles (AFV): “Demand for alternative fuel vehicles showed a notable increase of 21.5% in the month, as consumers continued to favour lower …

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