Sunday , August 18 2019
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The NHS is unprepared for climate change

Cumbria flooding

In an open letter to Jeremy Hunt, The UK Health Alliance on Climate Change warns that the NHS is unprepared for the impact of climate change, and that the government needs to act now rather than follow the usual practice of waiting until disaster strikes. The Alliance says that the …

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The global carbonisation experiment gathers pace

Carbon emissions

For all of the talk about emissions reduction, we are now adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere ten times faster than at any time in at least 66 million years according to new research in the journal Nature Geoscience: “Given currently available palaeorecords, we conclude that the present anthropogenic carbon …

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2015 saw record-breaking climate change


Writing in the Guardian, Michael Slezak lists nine ways in which climate records were broken in 2015: 2015 was the warmest year on record, “0.76C above the 1961-90 average” (note that commentators no longer use the start of the industrial revolution – 1750 – as this would provide a more …

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Water – where energy and environment meet

Power station water

Seventy-one percent of the surface of the Earth is water… ninety-seven percent of which is saline.  Of the remaining three percent, two are locked up in ice caps and glaciers.  So, 7.5 billion humans depend upon just one percent of the water.  This is not just the water we drink.  …

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Why climate change could be about to get a lot worse

Hot sun

Temperatures in the northern hemisphere passed the limit of 2 degrees of warming for the first time last month.  The amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide is higher than at any time in the last 8,000.  The trend toward runaway global warming (well beyond 2 degrees) is accelerating.  And the action …

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Climate-related food shortages underestimated

harvesting food

Climate scientists have been warning of the threat to global food supplies for decades.  Drought, flooding and sea level rise threaten to dramatically reduce the productivity of the world’s key agricultural regions.  However, even these dire warnings may have underestimated the threat according to a new study published in the …

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