Wednesday , December 19 2018
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Public services ill-prepared for climate change

Flooded Railway

New research from the Carbon Trust has found that public sector bodies are largely unprepared for the impact of climate change. With climate scientists warning that the frequency of a broad range of high-impact weather events such as floods and droughts, public services may struggle to continue operating for prolonged …

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Not all trees are equal at curbing climate change

We have been encouraged to plant trees as a way of offsetting carbon emissions.  But when it comes to climate change, some species of trees are considerably worse than others.  That’s the finding of new research led by Dr Kim Naudts at the Laboratory of Climate Science and Environment in …

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Paris climate deal to cost far more

A report by Ceres consultancy and Bloomberg New Energy Finance has found that $12.5 trillion of investment – 75 percent more than envisaged in the COP21 agreement – will be needed to meet the proposed emissions targets. With global government debt currently running at more than $57 trillion, and private …

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UK Government threatens to bomb the Greenland Icecap

Consciousness of Sheep meme

In recent years it has become fashionable for governments to declare war on things that simply cannot be defeated.  First we had the “War on Want” (i.e. poverty).  Then came the “War on Drugs”.  And in 2001 we had the start of the “War on Terror”.  In each case, the …

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Volkswagen, emissions and diminishing returns

The Volkswagen emissions scandal looks like becoming the car industry equivalent of the Libor and Forex scandals in banking.  According to European campaign group Transport and Environment, cheating on emissions tests is widespread across the car industry and applies to both petrol and diesel engines.  The group claim that there …

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