Sunday , August 25 2019
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Brexit is the backstop

Brexit is the backstop

As an exercise in creating unnecessary constitutional crises, Brexit is turning out to be a humdinger.  The underlying reason for this is that at no stage in the process has any decision in the chain been about Britain’s relationship with the European Union: The decision to include the promise of …

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Faux outrage at a media whore

Evening Standard

It is often said of the internet that: “If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.”  What many don’t realise is that the same goes when you pay a lot less than something costs.  Newspapers are a case in point.  Back in …

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Brexit: Millionaires jump ship

Brexit millionaires

Both sides of the Brexit have economic forecasts that show just how good/bad things are going to be when somebody finally figures out what leaving the European Union actually means.  But that’s the trouble with forecasts – you only get to find out how good/bad it actually is when it …

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A breadless circus

Royal wedding - Breadless circus

Like most of my countrymen and women, tomorrow I will be doing anything but tuning in to the circus that is the Royal wedding.  This is not because I have anything against the young couple themselves – both strike me as decent individuals (although that is, perhaps, a luxury afforded …

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Brexit: “crackpot realism” in action

Brexit crackpot realism

Among the many changes to government in the last four decades, one stands out.  Government no longer does things.  To a greater extent with every year that goes by, government uses legislation and regulation to force others – corporations and individuals – to do the things that government used to …

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Politics through a different lens

New politics

Viewed through a traditional left-right prism of the kind reflexively used by the mainstream media, the outcome of yesterday’s local election is troubling only because it lacks clarity.  The supposed swing to the left that almost defeated Theresa May at the 2017 election appears to have been halted.  On the …

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Schrödinger’s Brexit

Schrodingers Brexit

In Erwin Schrödinger’s thought experiment, the famous cat can exist in an unresolved state – both dead and alive – until an observer finally opens the box; at which point the situation resolves and renders the cat either dead or alive but somewhat peeved.  Just like Schrödinger’s cat, Brexit, it …

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Wales does a reverse Robin Hood

State-funded electric car chargers

The mythical outlaw of Sherwood Forest famously fought back against tyranny by robbing from the rich to give to the poor.  Social democratic governments of yore did something similar by using the power of the state to collect taxes in place of the brute force of the bow and the …

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A curious lack of curiosity

Curious lack of curiosity

Among the many things that don’t add up about the media coverage of the Skripal incident, one is so big that – like the proverbial elephant on the sofa – everyone is ignoring it. What is it? It is that we have absolutely no idea who Sergei and Yulia Skripal …

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The view through a dark mirror


Even historians stare with blank faces when asked who Voja Tankosic and Dragutin Dimitrijvic were.  The names are largely unknown today.  And yet, insofar as individuals can ever affect the course of history, they did more than most to shape the modern world. Let me try another name on you: …

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