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The emotional cost of climate change

Fear about the impact of climate change may be adding to anxiety levels in the current age of uncertainties.  But that is nothing to what we are likely to experience as the consequences become ever more obvious according to Canadian experts.

“Signs of mental distress related to climate change have appeared in vulnerable populations, from drought-stricken prairie farmers to isolated aboriginal communities and the scientists who crunch climate data.”

This is only the start.  Psychologists and psychiatrists have become more concerned that governments have done nothing to prepare populations for the social and economic disruption that will accompany climate change.  According to a report from the U.S. National Wildlife Federation we are likely to see a growing rise in a range of mental disorders:

“These will include depressive and anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, substance abuse, suicides and widespread outbreaks of violence [for which] the mental health profession is not even close to being prepared.”

This is a theme that The Consciousness of Sheep warns about time and again.  Both governments and indeed green campaigners have lulled the mass of the population into believing that a combination of (unachievable) international targets, smartphones, electric vehicles and a few wind turbines will save the day.

Even as the US Midwest suffers enduring drought, Miami Beach sinks beneath the waves, the UK experiences massive flood damage, India suffers historic heatwaves, Zimbabwe faces famine, and Fiji all but disappears beneath the Pacific, politicians and campaigners continue to insist that climate change is in the future.  But more and more of us are witnessing the reality of our way of life being disrupted before our eyes… with a growing awareness that the authorities will do nothing to save us.

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