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Corn dying from drought
Image: Bob Nichols

The curse of climate change

The latest report into the impact of climate change predicts that half-a-million people a year are going to die from forced changes to diet by 2050.  This will come in the obvious form of food shortages as floods and droughts affect crops in the world’s grain regions.  Less obviously, we will have less access to the fresh fruit and vegetables that are an essential part of a healthy diet.

Once again, people in developing countries are at the greatest risk.  Whereas people in developed countries will experience (relative) shortage in the form of higher prices, people in developing countries face absolute shortage as there will not be enough food to go around.

If past evidence is anything to go by, the people who are in a position to do something about climate change – the citizens and leaders of the developed countries – will do nothing because the problem does not appear to affect us.  We will only demand action when the shelves at ASDA and Walmart are empty… and by then it will be far far too late.

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