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Benefits of climate change… an epitaph for human stupidity?

If we could stop climate change where it is now, UK citizens would enjoy several benefits according to the mainstream media this week.

First, there is the story that we have been enjoying highly favourable wine producing conditions.  As Time magazine (among many others) observes:

“If you find yourself a little down while dwelling on the fact that humankind is fueling a global environmental catastrophe with its carbon emissions, cheer up. At least in the short term, you’ll have higher-quality wines to drink away your woes.”

Then there is the discovery that the shift in the UK climate means that we can now grow more food than we used to.  As Emily Gosden in the Guardian notes:

“Warmer temperatures over the past decade have seen the average start date move back to February 27th and the finish date extend to December 2nd – meaning the growing season now typically begins and ends in what is officially winter.”

These observations come on the back of the warmest winter since records began – saving Britons millions of pounds on energy bills, and easing winter pressure on our beleaguered accident and emergency departments.

This is cold comfort to people in less temperate zones of the planet where the early signs of runaway climate change are all too obvious.  Nor will it go down well with the citizens of southern Scotland, Cumbria and Yorkshire as they come to terms with the aftermath of this winter’s climate change-related flooding.  But perhaps it is the media equivalent of whistling in the dark to keep your spirits up.  It might even amount to an epitaph for our species – at least the elite were able to get blind drunk on good wine as their life support systems fell apart around them…

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