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Restructure or throw our children under a bus

Failure to make big shifts fast would amount to putting our children and grandchildren in the path of a speeding bus according to Laurie Goering at Reuters.

According to experts at a meeting of the Thomson Reuters Foundation:

“Meeting the goals of a new global agreement to tackle climate change will require social change on an almost unprecedented scale.  That includes shifting trillions of dollars each year into renewable energy – up from $345 billion last year – and making everything from transport to agriculture and consumer products much greener very quickly.”

This means an immediate disruption of the global economy in order to shift to a zero-carbon economy.  Inevitably jobs and businesses tied to fossil fuels will have to go to the wall.  On the other hand, entirely new jobs and businesses will have to be created in clean energy generation.

Importantly, in addition to the massive capital investment that is needed, the Thomson Reuters Foundation concludes that the threat of runaway climate change is now so serious that we dare not leave our response solely in the hands of politicians and governments.  Only a popular mass movement can bring about the necessary changes.

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