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Image: Stefan Georgi

How climate change could ruin productivity

The environment inside the buildings where we work is deteriorating as the impacts of climate change hit home.  According to Joshua Rapp Learn at Smithsonian:

“Apart from the obvious rise in utility costs, the changing climate may also set off a whole host of other problems for those desk-bound among us. Higher carbon levels could induce fatigue and affect decision making while mould and higher ozone levels that react with a number of chemicals used in common cleaning products can cause irritating symptoms like runny noses, dry eyes and other problems.”

Medical professionals bundle these problems together under the term “sick building syndrome” – a problem that can cause absenteeism and “presenteeism” (when people are at work but not performing).  As the climate changes, so these problems are likely to worsen.

Unfortunately, taking action is likely to be hindered because few businesses own the buildings that they work from.  Landlords of rented space will have less of an interest in investing in improvements where competition for working space is high.

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