Monday , March 8 2021
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Every Day Climate Change
A child sits in a flooded district in central Jakarta, Indonesia. 40% of the cry is below sea-level resulting in frequent flooding.

Climate change is here and now

Photographer James Whitlow Delano has set up an Instagram page called Everyday Climate Change to share contemporary images of the impact of climate change around the world:

“I had been documenting the large-scale environmental consequences in East Asia as a result of the rapid development here.  The air in China had become thick enough to cut with a knife. The deserts there are expanding. Oil palm is leading to massive deforestation in equatorial Southeast Asia. Larger and larger storms are hitting coastal areas in the region, too. I felt that magnitude of the problem leading to climate change was not being addressed.”

Delano’s own images of drought-stricken landscapes, retreating glaciers, polluted landscapes and flooded human settlements help to bring home the reality of our current predicament.

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