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France discusses shale gas import ban

Following accusations of hypocrisy in the French media, energy minister, Segolene Royal is discussing with French parliament a potential ban on the import of U.S. shale gas.

France has banned shale gas exploration using hydraulic fracking for environmental reasons.  However, this has not prevented French energy companies importing liquid natural gas containing up to 40 percent US shale gas, according to James Burgess at Oil Price:

“Two French companies, Electricite de France (EDF) and gas utility Engie, have previously signed contracts to buy U.S. LNG from, while the French state has a large interest in both, and a 75-percent ownership stake in EDF.”

The French government’s approach to fracking stands in stark contrast to Britain’s government, which has actively encouraged fracking, and has welcomed the opening of a shale gas import terminal in Grangemouth.

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