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Image: Roland Klose

Bankrupt coal company bankrolled climate change denial

Peabody Energy – once the world’s largest coal company – funded at least 24 campaign groups and several scientists who denied the existence of climate change.  The “astroturfing” (where artificial grass roots movements are created) activities came to light when the company filed for bankruptcy earlier this year.

According to Suzanne Goldenberg and Helena Bengtsson in the Guardian:

“Analysis of Peabody Energy court documents show company backed trade groups, lobbyists and thinktanks dubbed ‘heart and soul of climate denial’”

Even US environmental groups that had suspected Peabody Energy of funding climate denial groups have expressed surprise at the size of the denialist activites:

“The filings do not list amounts or dates. But the documents suggest Peabody supported dozens of groups engaged in blocking environmental regulations in addition to a number of contrarian scientists who together have obstructed US and global action on climate change.”

The good news is that the climate denial movement will have suffered a serious drop of funding when coal prices fell so low that Peabody Energy was forced to shut up shop.

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