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Trump assassinated?
Image: Matt Johnson

Are the security services going to assassinate Trump?

Here’s a spooky little story that just might resonate with this week’s news:

In a somewhat obscure spy thriller from 1982 – The Twentieth Day of January – Ted Allbeury tells the story of how in the future the KGB interferes with a US presidential election in order to get an apparently right-wing populist Republican candidate elected.  The President-elect promises to create jobs and restore the USA to greatness by implementing a massive infrastructure spending programme.  But the real motive behind this is to cut spending on expensive arms purchases and to curb US military power abroad.

In Allbeury’s book, the plot is rumbled by a British intelligence officer, who uncovers compromising photographs of the President-elect.  Confronted with the evidence, the President-elect takes a drug overdose that the US security services pass off as a heart attack.

Could it be that Allbeury was some kind of prophet?  It’s unlikely.  But then again, no less unlikely than that a billionaire racist, misogynist, pussy-grabbing gameshow host with no political experience would defy all odds to win the Presidential election last November.

The one thing you can be sure of is that if Trump is bumped off, Allbeury’s book will become an overnight bestseller.

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