Wednesday , December 6 2023
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But by the end of 2018, all oil production was in decline. Even without the lockdowns, we would have had a recession...

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Much ado

Despite economists predicting $200-per-barrel oil by 2010, what actually happened – and what has happened every time since – is that high oil prices caused a major economic shock

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CBDC bait and switch

Britain is a country which can only keep its lights on by paying businesses and households not to consume electricity when the wind isn’t blowing.  And if ever there was an argument for keeping the economy as analogue as possible, this is it.  Because anything and everything digital depends upon …

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Green spin

Concern over the steep rise in the price of electricity this winter has paved the way for rehashing the old misinformation about the relative cost of generation.  So it is that Carbon Tracker – a non-profit which seeks to focus financial investment on non-renewable renewable energy-harvesting technologies (NRREHTs) – reports …

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Shrinkflation at the pumps is just depressing

Since the 2008 crash, we’ve all had to get used to “shrinkflation” – where, at least until recently, manufacturers kept prices down by shrinking the content.  A 150 gram bar of chocolate, for example, would become a 125 gram bar but would sell at the same price.  Okay, that’s easy …

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Can we reboot Britain?

Some of my readers who read my August post, Nobody could have seen it coming, will have gone on to revisit the 2004 BBC docudrama, If… the lights go out.  Those who made it to the end, will have noticed something odd and unexplained… how, exactly, did everything go back …

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