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Even more energy insanity from Amber Rudd

There has never been a state handout that the Tories didn’t love… except of course those that favour the poor.  This is why, among the raft of cuts to benefits and public services that are forcing the most vulnerable into penury, they cut the “Green Deal” that aimed both to …

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Guess who just called time on Tory energy policies…

You won’t have seen this widely reported in mainstream media, but leading UK businesses have expressed growing alarm about the insanity of a government energy policy based almost entirely on the hope (it is no more than that) that it will be possible to produce more than a few months’ supply …

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What US fracking could learn from Welsh coal

title image on coal and fracking

As a young man I occasionally haunted the Great Western Hotel, located next to Cardiff Central railway station.  At that time, the walls of the back bar were adorned with photographs of old Cardiff.  Among these photographs was an image of Cardiff Bay just before the outbreak of the First …

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The Madness of Amber Rudd

Image of the madness of Amber Rudd

UK Energy Secretary Amber Rudd’s decision to gamble Britain’s future on gas has shocked energy experts and climate campaigners alike.  The decision to replace the UK’s coal-fired power stations with 25 new gas-fired power stations is the latest in a string of environmentally-destructive policies rolled out by the Conservatives since …

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The UK’s next crisis?

Hardly anyone under 50 can remember the last time the UK had less energy than it needed.  Power cuts in the 1970s, were the result of the dispute between the miners and the Heath government.  And while disruptive, the introduction of the “three-day-week” gave a degree of stability, allowing businesses …

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Whatever your views on climate change, this is INSANE!

If you are someone who believes that climate change is some kind of liberal conspiracy, you will be delighted by the energy policies being pursued by Britain’s Tory government.  Not only have they decided to abolish the subsidies on wind and solar power (as well as tightening the planning laws to …

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