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A different intermittency

For an insight into how the Green Industrial Complex operates, you need only look at the difference between the latest government guidance to the water industry regulator and the manner in which the regulator and the industry have been treated by the media in the last few days.  Nicholas Hellen …

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Brexit Déjà vu

Just when you thought he might have left the political stage, Nigel Farage is back again.  This time he is heading up the opportunist campaign to bury “Net Zero” under the banner “Vote Power, Not Poverty.”  And just as with Brexit – and for much the same reasons – he …

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Imperialism in bright green

The human ability to disconnect from and deny geopolitical reality lies at the heart of the “green” net-zero project.  Most obviously, those – like the current UK Prime Minister – who claim victories along the road to the Nirvana of net-zero must maintain blindness to the way in which the …

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It’s okay to look up

I am told I should look into filing a copyright claim against the Netflix movie Don’t Look Up, since I wrote a version of it in my 2015 book, The Consciousness of Sheep, and for exactly the same reason: “We’ve all seen this movie before: A giant asteroid is heading …

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Beyond the green false deal

What you are watching is an international trade fayre for a burgeoning green industry.  It is no accident that the fossil fuel corporations are over-represented or that the banking and financial sector are heavily involved.  Because, while human-caused climate change is real enough, the “solution” you are being sold is …

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The problem in microcosm

It is just a few weeks until politicians, scientists, luvvies and various officially approved activists jet into Scotland to attend the auction of false promises that is the COP26 conference.  And no doubt fearing the adverse comments that have grown in recent years about their burning more carbon in an …

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