Thursday , November 21 2019
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Energy experts doubt Paris agreements can be met

Global Warming

A new survey of its membership by the Energy Institute has cast doubt on the likelihood of governments meeting climate targets in the Paris Agreement that was signed earlier this year. The Energy Institute (EI) is the leading chartered professional membership body for the energy industry, supporting over 23,000 individuals …

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Climate change is incompatible with globalisation


For the best part of four decades, economists have assured us that “the market” will find the best solution to climate change.  As our environment shifted, humans would simply tailor their activities accordingly.  If southern Europe becomes afflicted by drought, that is not a problem – we will simply locate …

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Want to cut carbon emissions? Take the stairs!


Taking the stairs instead of the lift could cut more than a third of the carbon/energy footprint of most UK buildings according to a new report by carried out by StepJockey and specialist lift consultants SVM Associates . The study looked at the real world performance of lifts rather than …

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G7 – too little too late for the environment

G7 2016

The scientific evidence is clear enough.  Two degrees of global warming is now locked-in.  The best we could do now is to take action to avoid overshooting this dangerous upper limit.  Some scientists suggest we are looking at 4-5 degrees of warming; others say we could even reach 5-6 degrees.  …

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Trump to pull out of the Paris Agreement

Donald Trump

The Obama Administration’s support for the Paris Agreement on climate change was seen as a major breakthrough even though opposition from the Republican Congress prevented a full climate change treaty.  But a Trump Presidency looks set to tear up the Agreement as part of the plan to “make America great …

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Trump’s two faces on climate change

Donald Trump

Potential future President Donald Trump has been publicly dismissive of climate change; recently appointing a known climate change denier to head up his energy policy team.  But behind the scenes, Trump may have more to fear from climate change than most. According to Ruth Sherlock at the Telegraph, Trump has …

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Britain only average on climate change and renewables

Air Pollution

It was meant to be the greenest government ever.  That was back in the days before Cameron became Prime Minister.  But even as late as 2011, George Osborne was promising to leave the rest of the EU in Britain’s green wake.  Indeed, despite cutting subsidies to renewables, scrapping research into …

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New Orleans is sinking

New Orleans

New Orleans – a city that is already below sea level – is sinking much faster than was previously believed; and it isn’t just climate change that is responsible.  New research published in The Journal of Geophysical Research found that the city is sinking by 2 inches (5 cm) per …

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A new way to settle old climate arguments


Climate denial is primarily an article of faith that boils down to “don’t take my privilege away!”  Indeed, it is no accident that climate change denial is most prominent among rich old white men (step forward Donald Trump).  However, the task of calling out the deniers is hampered by their …

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Our climate future looks bleak

Polar Bear stuck on ice

We could be seeing the worst case scenario for climate change, according to Eric Mack at Forbes: “Here’s a few brutal facts about what’s been going on since October of 2015: The past seven months have been the hottest, based on global averages, that any human alive today has ever …

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