Wednesday , December 6 2023
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Our Predicament Re-stated

The amount of currency in circulation is falling... and that isn’t a good thing, because it doesn’t mean that consumer goodies are going to be cheaper – rather, they are going to disappear entirely.

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The Ely paradox

With that sort of political firepower – controlling the allocation of billions of pounds of public funds – on its side, one might anticipate that Ely would be booming. After all, if such powerful political figures cannot even look after the people who elect them, then what good are they?

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A crisis of governance

This is the great unsung success of modern imperialism in its “stakeholder capitalist” disguise… it has completely neutered its opposition, even to the point of convincing its non-opponents that in some way it is on their side…

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Echoes of 1991

The transformation in the Labour Party’s fortunes was staggering.  In the spring of 2021, a Tory Party which had been in office for 11 years stood a good chance of extending its lead in the once unassailable “red wall.”  By the autumn of 2022 – the year of two monarchs …

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Counterfeit World – Part Three – Hubris

I was in my teens when I came across the idea that “cool” was a bell curve.  You’re at a party, for example, and some guy picks up an acoustic guitar and gives a rendition of the latest hits… that’s cool.  Add a harmonica and you’re getting toward “peak cool” …

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