Friday , October 22 2021
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How greenwashing works


In the days before the internet killed advertising, media outlets used to employ real scientists and engineers to research and report their science and technology stories.  Today, with advertising revenues collapsing, few outlets can afford to pay people who are qualified and experienced to the point where they can separate …

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Headline oil finds getting smaller

New oil discovery

When an oil deposit of just a billion barrels becomes headline news, you know there’s trouble ahead.  Why?  Because it tells you that all of the large reserves have gone.  We are now drilling into the small, hard to recover deposits that require a large investment for very little return.  …

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Green Valium for the masses

Green Valium

So-called ‘green energy’ is shaping up to be a wannabee Ponzi scheme reminiscent of the US fracking bubble.  It began with crowd-funded nonsense such as the idea that putting solar panels on the road so that cars and trucks can drive over them might be a good investment.  Since then, …

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