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George Osborne
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Osborne ‘misled’ customers on energy savings

MPs on the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee have accused Chancellor George Osborne of overstating the savings customers would make as a result of the new policy of putting energy suppliers in charge of retrofitting insulation to Britain’s homes.

Osborne had claimed that an average household would save £32 on their annual heating bill.  However, the MPs said that the government’s projected savings are “somewhat misleading” as they are based on “comparing new plans to previously planned higher spending which never actually happened, rather than to actual current or past costs.”

The MPs expressed concern that the government was relying on energy suppliers – who profit from customers’ energy use – to meet targets for insulating homes.  They were also critical of the government’s target of insulating a million homes by 2020.  The Committee argues that this falls short of the 1.5 million solid walls and two million cavity walls that should the government should be aiming for.

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