Wednesday , December 1 2021
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In Brief: depression overload, mitigation (2), more safety traded for peace of mind, nationalisation in all but name

Untreatable depression Mental health has been a tacitly accepted casualty of the pandemic restrictions and lockdowns.  In addition to the anxiety in response to the virus itself, the threat to people’s livelihoods and the prolonged periods of social isolation – including the “social distancing” in previously intimate gatherings – have …

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In Brief: Behind the job figures, Blind faith

Not quite so rosy The establishment media has portrayed the latest UK job figures in gushing terms.  And in fairness, things might have been a lot worse.  Nevertheless, the Office for National Statistics offers several caveats not reported in the mainstream.  Such as: “It is possible that those made redundant …

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Out of their depth, taxis and the backward march of Labour

With neither map nor compass After a fortnight of establishment media wishful thinking, yesterday’s monetary policy committee meeting brought forth disappointment.  The committee voted 7 to 2 not to raise interest rates after all. Insofar as global shortages, broken supply chains and rising energy costs are not the result of …

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Godwin, vapourware and a royal toilet seat

An early outing for Godwin Godwin’s law put in an early appearance at COP26, when the Archbishop of Canterbury accused politicians who ignored climate change of being worse than those who “ignored what was happening in Nazi Germany: “It [climate change] will allow a genocide on an infinitely greater scale. …

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Free markets and unfair elections

Internally coherent and fundamentally flawed We do not, apparently, have supply chain shortages or inflation.  That’s according to John Tamny at Forbes: “Media members, ‘experts,’ economists, and politicians don’t even disappoint anymore. To say they do would be to flatter them. “Either they think we have inflation, shortages, or a …

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The climate war won’t work

There are, in fact, no human comparisons for the effort required to reverse the global-scale damage wrought by 300 years of industrial growth.  Nevertheless, people still reach for past human endeavours to try to spur our political leaders to an action which, in truth, is far beyond them.  How many …

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