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One of the biggest signs of its kind in Europe

Britain needs a rethink on nuclear energy

New Nuclear Watch Europe, an industry-funded pressure group, called on ministers to review which nuclear projects are most likely to be built, according to Kiran Stacey at the Financial Times.  In particular, ongoing problems with the Hinkley Point C project threaten to undermine the whole industry:

“Other projects are currently building their own cases to submit to the regulator, including one at Moorside in Cumbria and one at Wylfa in Anglesey. But many in the industry worry that if Hinkley Point does not go ahead, it would jeopardise these future schemes.”

The group is particularly critical of the current government’s hands off approach to energy; simply leaving it to the market to develop projects to meet Britain’s future energy needs:

“Since Tony Blair, the former prime minister, announced his plans for a “nuclear renaissance” in 2006, the government has shied away from favouring one technology over another.  Instead ministers have encouraged companies to come forward with their own plans, and only agreed to support them once they have been granted initial design approval by the nuclear energy regulator.”

With the Hinkley Point C project in serious trouble, the group have called on government to get off the fence and take a lead in developing the UK energy landscape – setting out preferred technologies and inviting bids to develop them.

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