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Decommissioning: the looming disaster in the North Sea

North Sea oil decommissioning

The biggest threat to the UK’s North Sea oil industry has nothing to do with Brexit or the current global oil glut according to Lianna Brinded at Business Insider: “There is a ticking timebomb that could put off companies investing in the sector and prevent new projects being set up …

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New publications from the Consciousness of Sheep

New Publications

The reason we have been a little quite here at the Consciousness of Sheep in recent weeks – did we miss anything important? – is that we have been putting the final touches to our two latest publications.  Both explain the foundations of the existential crises that humanity now faces: …

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Tories to Trump Corbyn

Tories to trump Corbyn

Back in the days when Tony Blair had relegated the Tories to an unelectable rump, the key to determining policy was to steal the opposition’s ideas.  Anything sensible that the Tories might propose would be incorporated into the New Labour programme.  All else would be dismissed as lunacy. On the …

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The squeezed middle lose out in the gig economy

Rush Hour

People in secure full-time employment tend to be seen as the winners in any economy.  However, as more firms look to freelancers to avoid the cost of directly employing people, it is this group that are most at risk. According to Diane Mulcahy at Havard Business Review: “Work is being …

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The zombie apocalypse coming to an economy near you


An army of zombies looks set to destroy the Eurozone and nobody knows how to stop them! Okay, these aren’t the kind of flesh-eating zombies that featured in the Night of the Living Dead.  Rather, they are the army of walking-dead companies and banks that are slowly destroying the Eurozone …

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A third of us now work in the “gig economy”

Gig economy

Think of the gig economy, and you probably think of web-based companies like Airbnb, Deliveroo or Uber.  But these are just the visible tip of a much larger gig economy iceberg that includes everything from full-time professional roles to extremely precarious short-term and low paid gigs found on sites like …

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IMF calls for government action for growth


The world economy is slipping into a deflationary trap.  That’s the stark warning of the International Monetary Fund in its forthcoming World Economic Outlook: “Eventually, the economy may end up in a deflation trap—a state of persistent deflation that prevents the real interest rate from decreasing to the level consistent …

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Is the ‘gig economy’ about to crash?

Gig economy

A few years ago it was being touted as the future of work.  In part a response to the threat of globilisation to traditional forms of employment, in part an entrepreneurial use of new technologies; the ‘gig economy’ was meant to herald a new round of prosperity across the developed world.  As …

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Italy on the verge of destroying the Euro

beppe grillo

On the back of the slow collapse of the Italian banking industry, Italy is just three all too plausible steps away from destroying the Eurozone according to John Hulsman at City Am: Step one is that Prime Minister Matteo Renzi loses the autumn referendum on reform of the political system …

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