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Riding the bumpy road down

Bumpy Road

The long period of anaemic GDP growth is about to stall.  The reason why?  Because global oil prices have just broken out of their Goldilocks band – the price range in which oil companies can stay in businesses without triggering a global recession. Last week the Brent Crude oil price …

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Centrica may not care

Centrica may not care

Sometimes a story is repeated so often that its veracity is never challenged.  One such is the myth that British households are in thrall to a wicked energy cartel that puts excessive profits above common decency.  So much so, indeed, that the government and the opposition parties have all signed …

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Not so renewables

Dead Wind Turbine

For all practical purposes, solar energy (along with the wind, waves and tides that it drives) is unending.  Or, to put it more starkly, the odds of human beings being around to witness the day when solar energy no longer exists are staggeringly low.  The same, of course, cannot be …

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A question too obvious…

Renewable electricity prices

Every now and again someone poses a question so obvious that you wonder why nobody asked it before.  When that happens, it is usually because it reveals an unconscious narrative that you have been following.  It is precisely because it jars with what you thought you knew that it is …

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Japan tests the MacKay limit

MacKay limit

Even though humanity has barely scratched the surface of its dependency on fossil fuels, it is already hitting hard limits.  The most obvious of these is the storage/back-up problem, which limits renewables like wind and solar to a maximum of some 25 percent of electricity production before it begins to …

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How to be a vegan without giving up meat


Some months ago I decided to be a vegan.  I didn’t do it for any ethical or environmental reasons.  I simply noticed that all of the fittest women are currently attracted to vegan men.  So I figured that if I wanted to succeed in the dating stakes, I’d better dispense …

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Fracking because Russia


These days, simply uttering the word “Russia” or the name “Putin” is considered sufficient for all critical thought to go out of the window.  Unlike the rest of the world – upon whom we place a high burden of proof – British exceptionalism dictates that any official accusation or claim …

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Meanwhile back in the real world

Wind Turbine base

In a society where the “right” not to be offended takes precedence over factual evidence, it is all too easy to believe that we are well on the way to a 100 percent renewable energy future.  This, after all, is what all of those happy clappy green-tech articles that get …

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You know things are getting desperate when…

Fracking waste

The financial failure of the British fracking industry is becoming painfully obvious to all concerned.  In large part this is because – unlike its US counterpart – the UK fracking industry did not have access to the trillions of dollars of central bank stimulus conduited via the Wall Street Banks …

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Why I focus on the economics of fracking


Amid the contested claims and counter-claims over the environmental damage that might result from widespread hydraulic fracturing in the UK there is a single, glaring (and erroneous) point of agreement for Britain’s frackers and their opponents: that fracking is economically viable.  It follows, therefore, that opponents must take every lawful (and …

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