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Centrica u-turns on renewables

Centrica – the parent company of British Gas – has made a u-turn on its approach to energy generation according to Emily Gosden at the Telegraph.

Previously, Centrica’s manifesto for cutting wind farms in favour of more large gas-fired power stations helped to inform the current UK energy policy.  However, under new management, Centrica has bought out Neas, a Danish company that trades electricity for wind and solar farm owners.

According to Gosden:

“While Centrica is not investing in new wind or solar plants itself, it has shelved plans to develop more big power stations and is instead focusing on offering services to help both renewable generators and business consumers navigate changing power markets.”

Centrica CEO Iain Conn explained:

“The energy landscape is rapidly changing, with a trend away from large centralised power generation to decentralised technologies – much of it intermittent renewable generation.”

Where this leaves Amber Rudd’s insane dash for gas is anybody’s guess; but the UK government appears to be running out of corporate support for its gas-fired energy policy.

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