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Image: NASA

No need to worry about saving the planet

Plankton – the tiny plants at the base of the food chain that provide half of the oxygen in the atmosphere – will survive climate change according to Scientists at the University of Technology Sydney in Australia and Imperial College London.

According to Simon Levey from Imperial College London:

“Ocean surface currents can transport drifting particles up to 3,500 kilometres in 500 days, which is about the equivalent of a person rowing from California to Hawaii. During this journey, plankton are subjected to temperature changes of up to 10°C more than if they stayed in one location.”

While it is doubtful that Western civilisation will survive much beyond 2050, and while humanity could be reduced to a handful of hunter-gatherer bands eking out a living in the high Arctic by 2100, plankton will thrive.  This is because these tiny organisms have evolved to withstand changes in ocean temperatures far greater than will be needed to wipe us out.

This will no doubt come as good news for the many activists who want to “save the planet” since it pretty much guarantees that the planet will survive in future.  It is less good news for those who would like to save the humans as well, of course… but then you can’t have everything.

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