Saturday , April 17 2021
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Fracking done… for now

Fracking on hold

It would be an understatement to suggest that the UK government is in crisis.  Brexit has become a kind of political black hole that is fast consuming the political energy of government and opposition alike.  It seems increasingly likely that the Tories will reap the disapprobation of the electorate – …

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The real threat from AI

Killer AI

Killer robots really are coming for your children… expect to be plunged into a new Dark Age! Am I thinking of some kind of dystopian sci-fi future in which an army of Terminator-type robots arrives to exterminate humanity?  Or maybe I am imagining a near future in which Jeff Bezos, …

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Fracking accounting discrepancy

Fracking accounts

There is a mismatch between the fracking companies’ investment brochures and the cash flow recorded in their accounts.  In the years after the financial crash, this did not seem to matter too much.  In the face of near zero percent interest rates elsewhere, the fast-growing US fracking industry offered one …

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No supply side route out of climate chaos

China traffic

Among the many disagreements between environmental campaigners, government ministers and business leaders, there is one central point of agreement – renewable energy harnessing technologies are the solution.  While campaigners may rail against the lack of commitment to deploy these technologies, only a minority among them is prepared to contemplate an …

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Heavy oil shock

Oil refinery

For all the talk about electric cars and renewable electricity, global oil production rose above 100 million barrels a day last month.  For all the policy pronouncements to the contrary, the stark reality remains that our insatiable demand for oil, the products of oil, and all of the stuff that …

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When fossil fuel subsidies are anything but

Wind with coal back-up

Renewable energy campaigners were quick to welcome a European Court decision to ban the UK’s electricity capacity auctions last week.  The court ruled that the auctions – which are designed to ensure that additional capacity is available at times of high demand (such as during the “Beast from the East” …

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Fracked promises


There is an irony to Cuadrilla restarting its fracking activities in the UK in the same week that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published its dire warning that we have just 12 years to transition to a zero-carbon economy if we are to stay below the 1.5oC above pre-industrial …

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UK at greatest risk from oil’s twin peaks

Oil price crisis UK

Among the biggest “green” myths of recent times was the wildly outlandish claim that we had reached “peak oil demand.”  The economists promised us that as increasing numbers switched to renewable energy, electric cars and digital working, so an ever larger part of the world’s remaining oil would be left …

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Solar road block

Solar road damage

To a general public that is clueless about net energy issues; solar roadways appeared to be a good way to wean ourselves off fossil fuels.  As the hype had it, there is abundant sunlight and more than enough road space on which to collect it.  So it was that Solar …

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Solving secondary problems first

Hydrogen vehicle

Can you run a self-driving car on a desert island? Of course not: There are no roads; and there is no fuel for the car. Why do I mention this?  Because the received narrative around climate change and so-called “peak oil demand” is that new technologies like electric self-driving cars …

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