Thursday , December 2 2021
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The curse of climate change

Corn dying from drought

The latest report into the impact of climate change predicts that half-a-million people a year are going to die from forced changes to diet by 2050.  This will come in the obvious form of food shortages as floods and droughts affect crops in the world’s grain regions.  Less obviously, we …

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Climate change causes fish migrations


Climate change is causing key species of fish to migrate out of tropical waters toward Polar Regions according to a study published in Nature Climate Change. The study by researchers from Rutgers University, Princeton University, Yale University and Arizona State University raises concerns that the impact of these migrations will …

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BP blames governments over CO2 targets

Coal Power Station

BP has defended the energy projections set out in its annual energy outlook, which gives projections for global energy use out to 2035. Environmental campaigners had challenged the projections for failing to account for the COP21 targets that aim to limit global temperature increases to just 2 degrees.  If the …

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Is Organic Farming Our Best Response to Climate Change?

Organic food production

Often seen as irrelevant to global food needs, and dismissed as a middle class fad, organic farming could be our best hope for feeding 7.5 billion people on a planet increasingly plagued by droughts.  That’s the finding of a new study by John Reganold and Jonathan M. Wachter from Washington …

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BP: COP21 will not meet 2 degree climate target

COP21 flags

Launching the 2016 World Energy Outlook at a conference in London, BP CEO Bob Dudley has warned world leaders that despite targets set at COP21 in Paris, the world is on course for a dangerous increase in temperature: “The growth rate of carbon emissions over the period of the Outlook is …

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Prepare for Atlantic flight delays… and higher prices


The University of Reading has published research showing the flights from London to the USA will be getting longer – and costing more – as a result of climate change: “Aircraft do not fly through a vacuum, but through an atmosphere whose meteorological characteristics are changing because of global warming. …

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Public services ill-prepared for climate change

Flooded Railway

New research from the Carbon Trust has found that public sector bodies are largely unprepared for the impact of climate change. With climate scientists warning that the frequency of a broad range of high-impact weather events such as floods and droughts, public services may struggle to continue operating for prolonged …

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Not all trees are equal at curbing climate change

We have been encouraged to plant trees as a way of offsetting carbon emissions.  But when it comes to climate change, some species of trees are considerably worse than others.  That’s the finding of new research led by Dr Kim Naudts at the Laboratory of Climate Science and Environment in …

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