Thursday , July 9 2020
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IRA ghost may come to haunt the Tories

Industrial Relations Act protest 1972

The echoes of the 1970s are all around us.  Minority governments propped up by the Ulster Unionists, social division over Europe, the rise of extremist political parties, and terror attacks in our cities.  It is, however, the ghost of the less well known of the two IRAs that were around …

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Let them eat cake

Let them eat cake

There is nothing quite as ridiculous as the spectacle of Britain’s ‘great and good’ enriching themselves on the back of faux concern for the poor.  It is in this light that we should treat the Tory government’s new Inclusive Economy Partnership that is supposed to foster new and innovative solutions …

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Tory donors face an unpalatable choice

May Grey Suit

There is growing unrest among Tory donors (the fabled men in grey suits who decide who does and who does not get to govern).  After stumping up millions to fund the 2015 general election campaign, they had expected to spend the five years to 2020 quietly counting their money.  Instead, …

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Forgive me for not cheering

Royal family

As the British media gush over the latest addition to the Civil List, we might want to consider how a third royal baby fits into the wider picture. There are already 7.5 billion of us on the planet; this is due to rise to between 9 and 10 billion by …

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Harvey’s double irony

Texas flooding

Given their almost instinctive enmity toward all things Trump, it is hardly surprising that BBC news programmes have drawn the link between a climate change denying administration and catastrophic coastal flooding of precisely the kind that climate scientists have been warning about for decades. In addition to pulling the USA …

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Corporate manslaughter – protecting the guilty

Grenfell tower

The Metropolitan Police announcement that they may bring corporate manslaughter charges over the Grenfell fire should be treated with a large dose of caution. While The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 was introduced ostensibly to deal with major incidents like the Grenfell fire, in practice it has had …

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Why “The Consciousness of Sheep”?

Sheep to slaughter

The name of this website may seem a little odd to anyone who was not around two years ago when it was launched.  The Consciousness of Sheep was the title of the book about the current economic, ecological and energetic collapse that humanity is hurtling toward.  Drawing on psychology, sociology, …

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Brexit is working out exactly as intended

Derelict high street

Some years ago I watched a group of boys arguing over a bag of sweets.  The boy whose sweets they were was adamant that nobody else was going to have them.  Despite his friends imploring him to share at least some of the sweets, the boy refused.  Things deteriorated into …

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Going pear-shaped: The collapse of our complex society goes mainstream

Fire and Brimstone

For those readers outside the small and rapidly shrinking BBC Today Programme demographic, the 7.50am Thought for the Day is the broadcasting equivalent of a Novocaine injection designed to anaesthetise listeners ahead of the intellectual equivalent of having a wisdom tooth removed that is the 8.05am political propaganda slot. Thought for …

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They promised a small state. They gave us a weak state

Corporate welfare

While the 2008 financial crash finally exposed the infantile economic theories behind neoliberalism, most of its political claims remain unchallenged.  Key among these is the belief that somehow successive neoliberal governments have been “rolling back the state.” Ripping up so-called “red tape,” cutting taxes and providing ready access to finance …

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