Friday , August 7 2020
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Are the security services going to assassinate Trump?

Trump assassinated?

Here’s a spooky little story that just might resonate with this week’s news: In a somewhat obscure spy thriller from 1982 – The Twentieth Day of January – Ted Allbeury tells the story of how in the future the KGB interferes with a US presidential election in order to get …

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The fall of the American Empire

Wall Street

With the election of Donald Trump, and the promise/threat to tear up the international trade treaties that many believe are a core foundation of the global economy, the USA looks set to take another turn down the spiral of imperial decline.  While America will continue to be an important player …

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The Trump policy that should terrify the left

Trump economic policy

It was Bill Clinton who observed that elections turn on the economy – “It’s the economy, stupid!”  But mass media has left us largely in the dark as to what economic policy a Trump administration might pursue.  Will Americans find themselves on the receiving end of round after round of …

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G20 warns against right-wing populism

Donald Trump

China’s Finance Minister Lou Jiwei, speaking on behalf of the G20, has identified “voter-luring populism” as one of the largest threats to the economy. Without mentioning Donald Trump or Brexit directly, it is clear that Jiwei had these and other right-wing populist trends in the developed world in mind.  The …

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Sinister “reassurances” in banking and energy


Imagine you are making your way home on late night public transport, when the shifty looking character behind you leans over and says, “I’m not stalking you”. I expect that you would find this somewhat disconcerting.  I imagine that for the rest of your journey home (and possibly for some weeks later) …

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The two words that will put Donald trump in the White House


The Democratic National Convention got off to an inauspicious start with the leaked emails exposing the anti-democratic nature of the Democratic (sic) party attempts to derail Bernie Sanders’ campaign.  And while First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech helped to rally the troops, day-one was further marred by a large section of …

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Britain at risk of lock-in and a cascading collapse


Two concepts familiar to readers of The Consciousness of Sheep are in the mainstream media today.  The threat of a cascading collapse has been raised by the Adaptation Sub-Committee of the UK government’s Committee on Climate Change.  Less well publicised is the warning from Roger Fouquet of the Grantham Research …

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The end of the university dream?

The narrative is simple: work hard at school, pass your exams, go to university, get a degree and get on the career ladder.  For the baby boomer generation this was without doubt the road to (relative) riches.  The expanding and modernising economy of the 1960s had more graduate vacancies than …

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The USA has no good choices in November

2016 Election

British attention on the US Primaries has focused on the remorseless rise of Donald Trump.  For the most part, the British verdict has been negative.  Even Prime Minister Cameron referred to Trump’s ideas as “stupid and divisive”.  The more Trump’s campaign has appeared to defy political gravity, the more alarmed …

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