Friday , September 17 2021
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Did Amber Rudd give the game away over Brexit?

EU Energy Union

In any discussion of UK energy policy, we have come to expect Energy Ministers to appear upbeat even as the UK’s margin between supply and demand slips into the red.  But move to a different context – such as the current in/out UK referendum campaign – and the veil may slip …

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Russia/OPEC “oil freeze” is meaningless


Western oil markets rallied briefly on the announcement of another meeting of oil producers in Doha on 17 April to discuss freezing oil output.  However, critics point out that the only countries (e.g. Russia) that have agreed to “freeze” their production are those that have no additional capacity to spare …

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Scotland charts UK route to a carbon-free economy

Longannet power station

Scotland’s last coal fired power station at Longannet is set to close later today as its last reserves of coal are burned up.  While environmental groups have welcomed the demise of the 2,400MW power station (for a comparison, this is nearly five times the output of Britain’s biggest offshore wind …

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UK could save money by paying us to use less energy

Electricity prepayment keys

Britain is on the verge of an energy crunch.  Without significantly higher energy prices the infrastructure needed to keep the lights on will never be built.  But even at todays’ prices, businesses are closing, the wealthy are going off grid, and the precariat are disconnecting themselves. Unless you happen to …

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How will we get around in a future without petroleum?

Hydrogen Bus

This may seem a frivolous question given that there is more oil beneath the ground than humans have burned in the last century.  But it is not so frivolous when we consider the impact that petroleum has on the environment.  If governments are going to meet climate change targets, sooner …

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It’s a solar-powered airport! What’s not to like?

Cochin International Airport

Cochin International Airport in southern India has become the world’s first solar powered airport.  According to David Nield on Science Alert: “The airport uses 48,000-50,000 kilowatts of power every day, and the 45 acres of photovoltaic cells installed on the site can now take that strain and then some.” In …

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Russia to hit peak oil in 2020

Russian Arctic oil

According to finance expert Max Keiser, Russia will be out of oil by 2044, with the production peak expected to occur in 2020. Russia’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, says that they have potential recoverable oil reserves of about 29 billion tons – enough to last for 57 years.  However, proven …

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A Tory MP finally gets energy… sort of

Parliament at Night

Our society is largely blind to the importance of energy.  Most of us have little idea where it comes from, let alone just how much our economy depends upon it.  This energy-blindness is, of course, a particularly alarming trait of the current UK government which seems to think that energy …

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Oil crash risks a multi-billion dollar debt crisis

Money to Burn

Asjylyn Loder, Steven Church and Jodi Xu Klein writing for MSN Money claim that US Investors face $19 billion in debt defaults unless several US energy companies can reach an agreement to restructure their debts this week. Loder, Church and Klein argue that the problems go back to the early …

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Osborne ‘misled’ customers on energy savings

George Osborne

MPs on the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee have accused Chancellor George Osborne of overstating the savings customers would make as a result of the new policy of putting energy suppliers in charge of retrofitting insulation to Britain’s homes. Osborne had claimed that an average household would save £32 …

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