Saturday , May 28 2022
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Our convenient lie

Fossil Fuel dependency

With the Republicans back in charge of the USA, most environmental campaigners are focused on the damage that might be caused by a bonfire of regulations aimed at regenerating the fossil fuel industry. While these concerns are very real, they also provide a convenient reason not to examine our own …

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This is what climate change looks like

Spanish Snow

News that supermarkets have been rationing broccoli and iceberg lettuces was met with the usual British stiff upper lip.  But we should ask a few searching questions about why produce that we have taken for granted is suddenly unavailable, and what this might tell us about the resilience of our globalised …

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Trump’s energy policy may not be as bad as you think

Solar power

Donald Trump’s election has been viewed with horror by environmentalists.  Not only does the next US President believe that climate change is a hoax (something his naval advisors will be setting him straight about in the near future) but he seems determined to expand America’s most polluting energy sources. In …

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Economic woes have an environmental bright side


A faltering global economy may have been at least partially responsible for Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, but it has had environmental benefits.  According to an analysis by the Global Carbon Project, world carbon dioxide emissions from energy and industry have remained flat for the third year in …

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Our best efforts on climate change will not be enough

Climate Change

In the course of two weeks, we have seen more international agreement and action on climate change than ever before.  On 4 October Canada introduced a carbon tax, setting a standard for other nations to follow.  On the same day the Paris climate agreement came into effect.  Two days later, …

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North Sea oil spills increase

Oil Spill

The number of oil spills from North Sea rigs has reached a 14 year high according to a report by Neil MacKay at Herald Scotland: “The revelation comes in the wake of a major spillage last weekend from oil giant BP’s Clair rig off Shetland. It has prompted fierce criticisms …

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Scientists routinely lie about climate change


No, this is not another energy industry-funded claim that climate change isn’t happening.  On the contrary, this is the claim by two eminent climate scientists that the climate science community has routinely toned down its message in order to make it palatable to political and economic elites in the developed …

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