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Why eating bugs is a really bad idea


The human population is expected to climb toward 10bn by mid-century; far outstripping already strained global food supplies.  One proposed means of accommodating these extra people without causing huge famines and mass migrations is to turn to the one lifeform that we have so far been too grossed out to …

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Events 94 million years ago suggest a dangerous future

Dinosaur days

Ninety-four million years ago, Earth experienced warming similar – but much slower – than today.  So changes that occurred then hold clues to the fate that awaits humanity in the (relatively) near future. In a new study published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Assistant Professor of Geology Jeremy Owens …

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Laboratory sued over fake fracking water tests

Waste Water test

US company TestAmerica, a member of the industry group Marcellus Shale Coalition, is being sued by landowners who claim that the company faked the result of water testing to produce favourable results for the fracking industry. Susan Phillips at State Impact explains that the lawsuit against the company over its …

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Fracking’s expensive toxic water problem

Fracking Waste

The process of hydraulically fracturing shale rock in order to recover oil and gas depends upon access to vast quantities of water.  Fracturing a single well can involve pumping as much as six million gallons of water – together with toxic fracking fluids (the exact content of which is considered …

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Energy experts doubt Paris agreements can be met

Global Warming

A new survey of its membership by the Energy Institute has cast doubt on the likelihood of governments meeting climate targets in the Paris Agreement that was signed earlier this year. The Energy Institute (EI) is the leading chartered professional membership body for the energy industry, supporting over 23,000 individuals …

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Climate change is incompatible with globalisation


For the best part of four decades, economists have assured us that “the market” will find the best solution to climate change.  As our environment shifted, humans would simply tailor their activities accordingly.  If southern Europe becomes afflicted by drought, that is not a problem – we will simply locate …

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Want to cut carbon emissions? Take the stairs!


Taking the stairs instead of the lift could cut more than a third of the carbon/energy footprint of most UK buildings according to a new report by carried out by StepJockey and specialist lift consultants SVM Associates . The study looked at the real world performance of lifts rather than …

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G7 – too little too late for the environment

G7 2016

The scientific evidence is clear enough.  Two degrees of global warming is now locked-in.  The best we could do now is to take action to avoid overshooting this dangerous upper limit.  Some scientists suggest we are looking at 4-5 degrees of warming; others say we could even reach 5-6 degrees.  …

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